Below are the primary services offered by Stone Bear Hardscapes. However, if you don't see a project that fits the mold of what you hope to accomplish, reach out and I'll do whatever I can to make your vision a reality.


Dry laid walls

Dry stone walls are an iconic art form regional to the beautiful New England countryside. Built in the traditional style, a dry stone wall can last centuries if done properly. I build new walls from the ground up and also offer repair services for pre-existing walls in need of attention.



Patios offer a space that is both distinct and complementary to the world around it. Practical and beautiful, a stone patio becomes an area to convene, to bring people together, or to just sit back and relax. Large or small, a patio can become your own private haven. 


Walkways and entryways

Whether it's a stone staircase leading up to your doorstep or a quaint path planted throughout your garden, I am here to create a beautiful trail that connects your space simply and seamlessly.