Selected Projects

I am constantly trying to improve in order to create the most amazing works I can. This means that I travel and work with other craftsmen as much as possible so that I might glean new skills from their methods. Featured below are collaborative projects that I had the honor of being a part of during this mission of constant self-examination. I refuse to remain stagnant in my abilities, and will always be pushing myself to excel in whatever it is I do.


Sunken Shack

The idea for the Sunken Shack originated with an artist named Josh Bowes. He reached out to me with a detailed sketch and told me his vision for the project. He had a site in mind - out in the bush in Victoria, Australia. Back in the 1800s, it had been in the middle of peak gold mining territory. Miners had dug out rocks and hauled them to this spot, so there was just a mountain stones at our disposal. The pitch was that we’d go out into the wilderness and use the resources available on site to build a structure that looked like an old stone shack that had begun to lean and sink into the earth. It was a tricky project - the stones on site had been through several bush fires, causing them to fissure and break unpredictably. Then there was the matter of the design itself; the house needed to lean both into the hill and be tilted to the side at an angle while maintaining its structural integrity. Truly one of the most enjoyable and interesting projects that I have been fortunate enough to be a part of. See more pictures of the project here.

Estate Wall

This project was headed by DSWA certified Master Craftsman Geoff Duggan in New South Wales, Australia. It begins as a freestanding wall which flows into a retaining wall, and then back into a freestanding wall, with two sets of stairs in between. At two hundred meters long and 1.2 meters tall, this wall was a huge undertaking. By the time I entered the project, Geoff had just started the straight shot of the final freestanding wall. For two months I worked side by side with Geoff to get this wall to the finish line. Having the opportunity to apprentice with a Master Craftsman was an unbelievable experience. My skills vastly improved, I learned so much from him, and we established a relationship that will lead to further collaborations down the road. See more pictures of the project here.