Section of wall built as part of the DWSA certification exam at The Stone Trust in Drummerston, VT

Art installation titled Sunken Shack, in Victoria, Australia. For more information see Collaborations

Dry Stone as art

Dry stone structures are carefully crafted by hand without the use of mortar or any other method of adhesive to bind the stones together.


The tradition of dry stone walling is believed to date as far back as 5000 BCE, in the Neolithic Age. Building a proper dry stone wall takes patience, careful precision, and experience. A true dry stone waller should be able to construct a strong, lasting wall out of any kind of stone. The proper placement of interlocking stones builds a stronger structure than any mortared wall.


Dry stone patios are constructed by laying individual stones on a bed of sand, gravel, or stone dust rather than a concrete slab or other mortared surface. By constructing patios in this way, the patio is more flexible, moving with the land rather than cracking, and can be easily maintained.